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It’s Called SafetyVan for A Reason

For families of six, eight or more; churches and private schools, resorts, business executive travel the popular and practical 15-passenger van remains the best choice for comfort, style and economy. Elegantly "upfitted" to the ultra-safe extended wheelbase Chevrolet Express 3500 passenger van, the SafetyVan is the right response to the current demand for safe, convenient and comfortable travel.

The Concern for a truly safer passenger van is what brought the SafetyVan to life and what we live for today. No other high-capacity passenger van currently available today can compete with SafetyVan's extraordinary combination of GM manufacturing and design with the upgraded reinforced roof and coach style seating SafetyVan adds in. It offers the ultimate level of features and benefits and it's extraordinarily affordable too.

14 Passenger Van vs. Bus: It All Makes Good Sense

Because SafetyVan is the industry benchmark in multi-passenger safety, convenience and comfort, it is the ideal choice for church groups, retirement communities, universities, van pools, shuttle operations and more. (The 10-passenger MPV is ideal for private middle schools, high schools, etc.) Anyone seeking the driving ease, maneuverability and capacity of a 14-passenger van and does not require or desire the operator to have a Commercial driver’s license will find the SafetyVan to be the ideal choice. If you don’t need the size of a large bus, the more fuel efficient and easier to operate SafetyVan is the right choice. In fact, the SafetyVan has standard features not found on any bus (Stabilitrak, Head Side Curtain Air Bags, Multi-layer High Technology glass etc.)

Extended Wheelbase for Superior Weight Distribution

SafetyVan (like all 155” WB GM vans) has the weight where it belongs… between the axles. SafetyVan takes advantage of the General Motors "Stabilitrak"© Electronic Stability Control System to provide superior handling characteristics and a safer driving experience. The superior weight distribution along with the Fiberglass Reinforced Roof Section and the ergonomically designed individual seating with integrated 3-point securement system all add up to a safe, comfortable vehicle that is reliable, economical and insurable. The 14-passenger SafetyVan is not just a standard wheelbase van with an extended body and exaggerated rear overhang (like many competing brands), it is a purpose-built, extended wheelbase van with all of the safety, economy and performance you’ve come to expect from a General Motors product.